Chairman's Circle



With a united voice and a strategic vision for transformational change, the Chairman’s Circle was established by the Greater Memphis Chamber on November 21, 2012. 

The Chairman’s Circle is a leadership body created to engage Memphis business leaders on a variety of issues that affect Memphis and the Mid-South. The group’s intention is to cause transformational change through leadership working closely with civic partners and public officials. A goal was established to recruit 100 business leaders to join this new group within eighteen months.  Over the course of the past 12 months, the leaders of the newly formed Chairman’s Circle, along with members of the Chamber’s senior staff, met with over 198 executives.

Today, the Chairman’s Circle has 116 members representing over 100,000+ employees in the Memphis Business Community.


The Greater Memphis Chamber serves as the lead job retention and recruitment agency for Memphis & Shelby County.  Results of the Chairman’s Circle can be measured through the success of the Greater Memphis Chamber’s Economic Development Activity.


Members of the Chairman’s Circle pushed forward five “Moon Missions.” Inspired by a national goal set by President John F. Kennedy of landing a man on the moon in the 1960s, the “Moon Missions” brought forth by the Chairman’s Circle all have a significant impact on the economic prosperity of Greater Memphis and envision a world-class city. 

The Chairman’s Circle will be reclaiming the role “Voice of Business” and changing the culture of our community. This is not a board of directors. This is a collaboration of leaders with the resources, the clout and the responsibility to make things happen.


Making Memphis Great


To use our collective strengths as community and business leaders to create a clear path to positive change in Memphis and the Mid-South.


The Chairman’s Circle is a group of Memphis and Mid-South business leaders representing thousands of employees that are motivated and passionate about seeing our city and its citizens achieve our true potential. With always having a focus on the collective best interest for our city and its citizens, the members will work diligently along with the Greater Memphis Chamber to identify meaningful initiatives and attempt to engage every citizen of this community to work together in a united and coordinated fashion to ensure that we are successful in achieving mutually beneficial results.


Moon Missions

EPIcenter: 1000 Entrepreneurs In 7 Years

Advance Green Space for Citizens and Retain Talent

Create a Center of Excellence in Advanced Manufacturing

A Long-Range Plan For Memphis

Ensure Education for Children 0-12 Months to Pre-K

Memphis Clean by 2019

Join The Chairman's Circle

If you are interested in becoming a Chairman's Circle member, please contact Terri Bosby at or 901-543-3520.