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5 Ways the Move It Memphis Race is Better Than Ever

If you haven’t already noticed, the 8th Annual Move It Memphis Race looks a little different this year. We’ve worked for the past year to develop a race that everyone from our most loyal runners to the casual walker would enjoy. It’s a new race with a new look and even a new sound, and here’s five ways Move It Memphis is better than ever:

#1 The time.
For the past seven years, Move It Memphis has been known as the first race of the year. However, a February race is guaranteed some cold temperatures if not icy weather. When we moved our 5k/10k up to March last year and still got iced out, we knew something had to change. This year’s race will take place on an early Fall evening at sunset! (The perfect time of day for a run if you ask me.) So if it snows this year, it will definitely be a race to remember.

#2 The route.
Move It Memphis is now a 4-mile race, the perfect in-between distance of our former 5k and 10k. We chose this distance to make our race stand out, but also because we want you to experience the beautiful views of running along the Mississippi River at sunset. There’s nothing like it! Take a look at the course map here.

#3 The location.
Along with a new time and new route, we also have a new location! The race will start and end at Loflin Yard, Downtown Memphis’ hottest new venue. If you haven’t been there yet, this is the perfect time to enjoy the unique backyard vibe with fellow runners.

#4 The after party.
Since the race is ending at Loflin Yard, it has to have an epic after party, right? Enjoy a cold beer, play some yard games, claim a rocking chair on the front porch and take in the sights (and sounds) of Memphis.

#5 The unique Memphis mix.
Speaking of sounds... that night we’ll be sharing Loflin Yard with Opera Memphis as they close out their 30 Days of Opera. Who knows, maybe you’ll be serenaded as you cross the finish line! And where else besides Memphis can you experience the unique mix of the arts, fitness and business communities? It will be a fun night indeed.
So gather up your running partners and join us Wednesday, September 28th at 6:30 PM for the 8th Annual Move It Memphis 4-Miler! We’ll be racing ‘til the sun goes down (and partying even longer). See you there!

Photos by: Isaac Singleton

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