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Do You Have What It Takes to Wear the Blue Jacket?

The Greater Memphis Chamber Ambassadors serve as an active volunteer extension of the Chamber to cultivate, promote and maintain a positive relationship between the Chamber, its members and the community. This group serves as the official host for all Chamber events. They also provide information, mentorship and support for new members of the Chamber, as well as help promote the benefits of the organization to potential members.
In one word, being a Chamber Ambassador takes commitment. This position is an opportunity for professional growth, the development of a personal and professional network, and to receive recognition from the Chamber. You can hone your skills in public speaking and networking while contributing to the growth of your company. However, it also requires your time and energy as you commit to the following activities:
1) To attend ribbon cuttings and groundbreakings

2) To welcome new members by way of phone or personal contact

3) To meet and greet at monthly Chamber meetings

4) To assist with membership development activities and events.

As the outgoing 2016 President of the Ambassadors, I’ve been honored to serve as a Chamber Ambassador for more than ten years. Just when I think I know everything there is to know about Memphis, I discover something new and exciting! Memphis is ever evolving, and I can’t imagine not being involved.  It is this kind of change and excitement that fuel my passion and commitment to this great organization and city.
These are some testimonials from my fellow ambassadors:
“Since the job title of ‘professional cheerleader for the city’ has not been created yet, I felt being an ambassador was my way to give back to an organization that has helped me cultivate my professional career and connect me with so many great people across the city – while getting the word out about all the great things Memphis has to offer. The relationships I’ve made through the Chamber are invaluable and I would not have made so many lasting connections without my involvement in the Chamber.” – Melissa Pope, Memphis Reprographics
“I have been fortunate enough to have a firsthand experience of just how beneficial the Chamber can be to one’s business and career. After attending several Chamber events, I felt an urge to get more involved with an organization that does such great things for Memphis and becoming a Chamber Ambassador appeared to be a seamless fit for me.” – Joseph Hisky, Now Leasing
“Being a Chamber Ambassador has allowed me to meet key people in the city and network with very influential people in regards to my business. After moving here from Tupelo, MS, over eight years ago, the Chamber Ambassador program has taught me so much about Memphis and how great this city is.” – Dale Hill, MagTech Lab

Each year we select seven new professionals to join our Ambassador team. If you would like to be a Chamber Ambassador, contact Lauren Loeb at or 901-543-3508. Interviews for 2017 will take place on November 3, 2016, so contact Lauren today to apply!
Ann Terry
Memphis Bioworks Foundation
2016 President, Chamber Ambassadors

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