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Greater Memphis Chamber Supports Vote Yes On 2

The Greater Memphis Chamber Government Affairs Committee has decided to support Amendment 2 to the Tennessee Constitution on judicial selection. You can “Vote Yes on 2” on the November 4th ballot.

Amendment 2, the second of four proposed constitutional amendments on the ballot this November, brings greater clarity and accountability to the way we select the state’s appellate court judges. The amendment has three fundamental components:

  1. 1. The Governor will appoint all appellate judges, as he does on the current system, allowing he or she to identify and appoint the most qualified persons.
  3. 2. The State Legislature will confirm or reject the Governor’s appointments. This is a new part of the process that provides an additional check and balance and brings more accountability to the process.
  5. 3. Each appellate judge appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the State Legislature will stand in a retention election every eight years – just as he or she does currently. The retention election asks whether the judge should be “retained” or “replaced,” so Tennesseans will continue to have the right to vote to keep or remove the judge at the end of his or her term.
Our ability to attract and keep businesses in our state relies in part on having a stable, fair and impartial judiciary. Amendment 2 gives voters the chance to end legal challenges the current process has faced.

Amendment 2 will be on the ballot November 4, 2014. Early voting began October 15. For Amendment 2 to pass it must receive a majority of “yes” votes AND it must get ‘yes” votes from a majority of all Tennesseans voting in the gubernatorial election. 

Check out for more information and additional ways to get involved.

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