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Events Are Not Just For Mingling

At every Chamber event, we encourage you to mix and mingle, which is always a great way to network and promote your brand. But there are many other ways a business can connect their business with event attendees. At every event, the Chamber provides some unique opportunities for businesses to promote their brand to targeted audiences.
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The Memphis Pre-K Initiative: Our Chance To Advance

Earlier this fall, the Greater Memphis Chamber came out in support of the Memphis Pre-K Initiative. As our President & CEO John Moore stated at the time, it is unprecedented for an issue like this to have such broad-based support from the private sector. The Chamber supports this issue because “a quality education is not just a quality of life issue, it’s an economic development issue as well. The high-skilled jobs available in Memphis right now, and in the future, require a first-rate education and that starts with Pre-K,” said John Moore.
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5 Tips for the Newbie Networker

This week marks my one month anniversary at the Greater Memphis Chamber. Not only am I new to the Chamber, but I am also new to Memphis, which means I have spent the past several months exploring all this city has to offer.

Thankfully, the Chamber excels at creating opportunities for their members (and employees) to network and meet new people. From the very beginning, I was thrown into events with instructions to introduce myself and get to know people. 
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Crucial Conversations About Mental Health

October 10 is National Depression Screening Day. In this week's guest blog Donna Tosches, Director of Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare EAP and DHJ Living Well Network, talks about how an employee's mental health can affect a business' bottom line, and how employers can begin a dialogue that promotes wellness inside and outside of the workplace.
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