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Chamber Hosts Leaders from Leipzig, Germany [VIDEO]

“Cooperation between regions is not just about history and culture,
and for this to be longstanding and to have sustainability, it is
important that it is tied to business… We’re extending the agreement
to go beyond the airports and work on the business community as well.
We believe that to be successful and look forward to a working relationship with you.”
- Dexter Muller, Senior Vice President of Community Development for the Greater Memphis Chamber, at the signing of the memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Leipzig, Germany on Oct. 1.

The Greater Memphis Chamber recently hosted 25 government, academic, industry and economic development professionals from Leipzig, Germany. The Chamber reached out to the German community, which shares similar feature and assets, as part of our ongoing efforts to connect our business community with global trade.

Leipzig wants to eventually develop into the size and capacity that we in Memphis are currently, so we organized a trade mission to bring Leipzig companies and leadership to Memphis to study how we do economic development and why Memphis is the best place for manufacturing and distribution companies in North America.

During the two days, the visitors toured the assets our city, heard from business leaders and exchanged information and ideas on economic development. Two MOUs were signed. One occurred at Memphis International Airport, where Scott Brockman, executive vice president and chief operating officer, and Markus Kopp, chairman of the Leipzig-Halle Airport, signed an agreement for the airports to work more cooperatively in the future.

The other was signed between the government and business communities of Leipzig and Memphis.

Signing on behalf of Memphis:
- Mayor A C Wharton Jr., City of Memphis
- Mayor Mark H. Luttrell, Jr., Shelby County
- John Moore, President & CEO, Greater Memphis Chamber
- Dexter Muller, Senior Vice President of Community Development, Greater Memphis Chamber
Signing on behalf of Leipzig, Germany:
- Mayor Michael Czupalla, district Mayor of Northern Saxony County
- Toralf Weiβe, president of Leipzig-Halle Logistics Cluster & CEO of PPR Management
The agreement states that both parties have common targets and are going to work to establish and promote cooperation between the regions and the regions’ companies. We are promoting mutual improvement of efficiencies, competitiveness, innovation, knowledge transfer, human resource development and sustainability.

Basically, the agreement is an overall exchange of experiences. It is an open-source economic development, where we share with Leipzig what we do, they take the information to build and improve on it, and then we receive feedback on the improvements. As a result of the back-and-forth exchanges, both communities are essentially strengthened.

Ultimately, we wanted to start a dialogue and build a relationship based on trust and mutual interest in a spirit of collaboration, and I think we accomplished that this week.

- Ernest Strickland, Director of Economic Development

If you are interested in doing business with Leipzig Germany, contact me at or 901.543.3548.
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