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Business Leaders Respond to the Pre-K Referendum Results

Building a world-class workforce is key when it comes to growing our business community.  Education – whether it is Pre-K, tech-certified, or college bound is at the forefront of economic development. Yesterday, the City of Memphis Pre-K Tax Referendum was determined by the voters to not be the path chosen for funding early childhood education. For the Greater Memphis Chamber, our work continues. We will continue to search for opportunities to advance a quality education for our youngest children. Our business leaders will not rest until all children have an equal opportunity at education. It’s that important to the future of our city and for a building a world-class workforce.

“While the election results are disappointing, the business community will continue to work together to identify opportunities that will ensure a quality education for all Memphians.

It’s an economic development issue as well as a quality of life issue for every community. If we want Memphis to continue to be successful and remain competitive in the global market, we must works towards developing the best workforce.

Memphis’ business community is finally working together towards common goals that will greatly benefit our communities.”

- Kathy Buckman Gibson, Chairman of Buckman

“No matter what the outcome of the election was tonight, something important has still been accomplished. A vital force in the Memphis business community has come together to bring about great change for our city.

The Greater Memphis Chamber, as the voice of the business community, is leading the charge in identifying and bringing leaders together to work on initiatives that will have a huge impact for our city’s future.

We will continue this important work, including our focus on the growth of a talented workforce.”

- Dr. Reginald Coopwood, President & CEO, Regional Medical Center at Memphis

What are your thoughts and comments about the Pre-K Referendum results?

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