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From the Top: 2016 Goals & Objectives Part I

When I became the President of the Greater Memphis Chamber almost two years ago, I outlined a vision that is rather unique for chambers of commerce across the country. I wanted the business community to do its part to break the cycle of poverty in Memphis.
It wasn’t long before my counterparts at other chambers commented on this vision and the goals we put in place to accomplish it. These business leaders have told me time and time again that they haven’t seen anything like what our organization is doing to increase economic growth for all citizens.
You’ve heard me say before that our vision is to “break the cycle of poverty” in Memphis. We do that by creating jobs and growing our middle class. This week, I’ll be highlighting the goals and objectives that we’ve put in place to do just that.

1. Increase new & retained jobs by at least 5 percent.
Last year, the Chamber helped create and retain over 6,000 jobs in the region. That number only includes the jobs we specifically touched through the 25 projects that came through our pipeline. This year, we continue to work to bring in 5 to 10 percent more.
2. Increase the number of middle class jobs by at least 5 percent.
Of the 6,000+ jobs that came to Memphis, the average salary was over $45,000. Our team specifically targets projects with quality jobs and higher salaries and will continue to do so this year.
3. Reduce the unemployment rate in the African American community by 10 percent.
The initial reports show that Memphis has succeeded in this area in 2015. We are working to show how the Chamber’s efforts regarding workforce, entrepreneurship and recruitment affect this outcome.
4. Increase enrollment for training in target sectors by at least 5 percent.

Not only do we need to attract well-paying jobs, but we also need to train our citizens for the jobs we already have. Our strategic partnership with organizations like Greater Memphis Alliance for a Competitive Workforce (GMACW) and the Workforce Investment Network (WIN) will do just that.
These are the four ways we measure success when it comes to eliminating poverty in our region. Next week, I’ll share the second half of our goals and objectives for 2016, which focus on increasing supplier diversity, another crucial element to creating economic growth for all in Memphis.

Phil Trenary
President & CEO
Greater Memphis Chamber

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