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Pension Reform 101: Why Pension Reform Matters to YOU! [WEBINAR]

There has been a lot of discussion about the City’s pension debt.  You might have seen our emails sharing troubling data on how this pension debt could take away much-needed funds from erasing neighborhood blight, repairing potholes, fighting fire and crime, and creating jobs. If something isn't done quickly to reform this 60-year-old pension system, we will see our taxes increase in order to pay for it.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Memphis is #45 on a list of 48 major metro areas for unemployment rates. Detroit is #46. Now, more than ever, controlling our debt and using our tax dollars effectively is imperative. Memphis needs a Defined Contribution (similar to a 401(k)) plan.  This pension reform will help put Memphis back on the path to prosperity.

To help you understand why pension reform matters to you, the Chamber hosted a live-broadcast webinar on May 29th at 3 p.m. We asked for questions in the comment section or by tweeting us @MemphisChamber.

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