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Memphis Clean by 2019 Presents April Earth Month

Every year people around the world celebrate Earth Day on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Here in Memphis we take it to the next level, celebrating 30 days straight throughout the month of April with cleanups, beautification projects, volunteer events and other activities.

This "Earth Month" is brought to you by Memphis Clean by 2019, a moon mission of the Chairman's Circle and an effort to rid the city of trash and blight by the city's bicentennial. The Chairman's Circle partners with Clean Memphis to engage every Memphian on this initiative.

In order for Memphis Clean by 2019 to be a success, we need complete buy-in from every business and citizen. A clean and beautiful city not only affects safety and property values, but it also helps attract more business and talent to Memphis. Every small business owner knows that a clean neighborhood attracts more tourists, citizens and - ultimately - customers to your doorstep.

So how can you help?

Option 1: Participate in a project that is already planned.
Cleanups and beautifying projects are already planned throughout the month of April. Invite your friends, family or employees to participate.

Option 2: Host your own cleanup project.
Address blighted properties, assist elderly neighbors, pick up trash or plant a garden. There are multiple opportunities to get engaged during April Earth Month.

Memphis Clean by 2019 is an initiative that every Memphian can see, touch and feel. It has the potential to instill a sense of pride in every citizen for the neighborhoods in which they live, work and play. You have the opportunity to help make that happen. Let's make Memphis Clean by 2019.
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