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From The Top: 2015 Chamber Objectives Take on New Vision

When I became President & CEO of the Greater Memphis Chamber, I cast a new vision for our organization: to break the cycle of poverty in Memphis. I know it sounds like a pretty arrogant statement. My own daughter called me out on it when she first heard it. But I believe it’s the responsibility of the business community to create the quality jobs needed to grow our middle class. The Chamber feels so strongly about this new vision that we made it part of our 2015 goals and objectives.
Posted: 3/11/2015 4:07:16 PM | with 0 comments

From The Top: A New Blog Series from President & CEO Phil Trenary

Welcome to the first installation of From the Top - a blog series where I’ll talk about key issues for the city of Memphis and the ways the Greater Memphis Chamber is working to address those issues. You can expect a broad range of topics to be covered here - from education to policy to jobs - but all will tie directly into our mission to push economic growth for our city.
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