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RU Ready - REALLY Ready - for the Millennial Workforce?

The Workforce Leadership Series kicks off Wednesday, March 19, with Generational Crossroads: These Are My Work Flip Flops. The intensive workshop helps companies prepare for and understand the Millennial workforce. Eric Rowles, President & CEO of Leading to Change and the speaker for the workshop, provides you with a glimpse of what you can learn below. For an in-depth look at what makes Generation Y tick, register here for Generational Crossroads.

They have an average employment length of eight months. They text more than talk. And they're the LARGEST generation to ever hit our workforce. How familiar - and savvy - are you with the MILLENNIAL GENERATION in 2014? They will continue to reshape every facet of our field - from technology to work/life balance to customer service strategies.

Oh - and they will outnumber all of the Boomers and X'ers - COMBINED - in the workforce - by 2020.

So how do we get ready for this text-savvy, hierarchal-shunning, multi-faceted and brilliantly talented and alarmingly mobile next set of workers? Here's just three suggestions to start with:

1.Build SOCIAL

43% of Millennial workers watch less than one hour of TV per day, but are online for over six hours when NOT at work. Facebook posts, agency tweets, Instagram, etc. - these all make their work public. The average Millennial worker sends more than 40 texts per day - with the expectation that their communications are reciprocal. That means they thrive on feedback. From your rewards/incentive programs to your YELP reviews… your social media presence (or lack thereof) has the very real potential to make - or break - your business.

2.Find Your MIDDLE

They’re the most diverse generation ever, and expect to see difference and find value. Be transparent in your inclusiveness. Understand that equity and access are HUGE drivers to this generation. One out of every five Millennials has an adult in their life that did not grow up in the United States. Don't make the assumption that "everyone knows" about how the culture of your business operates. The more you open your doors, the more you level the playing field, and the more deliberate and intentional you are to be inclusive - the more you will find Millennial rock star employees seeking out your worksite.

3.Make it Meaningful for ME

WIIFM = What's In It for Me. You can "Have it Your Way.” And the customer is "always right.” These are some of the lessons that Millennials learned by watching X and Boomers operate. So it comes as no surprise that this next generation is looking for MORE than just a job, but rather - looking for THEIR value-centered experience. Be absolutely deliberate in transforming this position from "paper pusher" to change maker. Create opportunities for work impact to be seen - and felt - outside of the cubicle walls. And at the same time, don't expect a long stay. Rather, 91% of Millennials planned to stay in a job for less than five years. Give them an experience attached with their actual job function - and watch your Millennial staff plant deeper roots with you.

It's a dynamic time, as we prepare for a dynamic workforce. This is no longer your grand-dad's old-school business environment. Rather, as times have changed, we welcome into our fields perhaps the most multi-talented, technology skilled, team-focused, service oriented, and at the same time unprepared, unconventional, and short-term focused workforce we've ever seen.

So…. RU redE?  U nEd 2b - d Millenials R hEr 2 sta!

Eric Rowles
President/CEO, Leading to Change

Click here for more information on the Generational Crossroads: These are My Work Flip Flops and to register for the workshop on Wednesday, March 19.  
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