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From the Top: Supplier Diversity Collaborative Part I

Earlier this year, the Supplier Diversity Collaborative presented its plan to create economic growth for all by increasing receipts for minority and women-owned business enterprises (MWBEs). The plan breaks down into several recommendations, focusing on developing relationships business-to-government (B2G), business-to-business (B2B), and business-to-church (B2C).
A majority of the time this conversation centers on B2G; however, government spending is really such a small piece of the Memphis economic pie. If we’re really going to make a difference and achieve our goals for 2016 and beyond, it is going to require complete buy-in from the Memphis business community. We can’t make the kind of change that’s needed to put people to work and grow receipts for MWBEs without the private sector.
Therefore, a major focus of the Supplier Diversity Collaborative Plan requires engaging and working with our Chairman’s Circle companies. These one hundred plus business leaders are currently participating in an audit to determine how many have supplier diversity plans in place. Afterward, they will either be asked to contribute to public reporting on diversity spending or receive assistance in forming their own supplier diversity policies. Several initiatives are also being put in place to grow these business-to-business relationships. I will share more about the MWBE portal and the Mentor-Protégé program next week.
Another focus of the plan will be to engage one of the larger economic drivers in Memphis – the church. The faith community plays a vital role in the fabric of our city, and we plan to harness its significant economic power in two ways. One, we will provide information to the Memphis churches on the many MWBE companies available for the services and products they use daily with the help of the MWBE portal. Secondly, the churches will create a connection point for many of these minority and women business owners to the many resources available, such as the Mentor-Protégé program, Business Boot Camp and more. Reverend Keith Norman is leading this effort and has already started a small consortium of faith-based leaders who are interested in being more involved in the economic development efforts affecting our region.

In the end, the Supplier Diversity Collaborative seeks to create a plan that is inclusive, transparent, easy, inexpensive, timely and accountable/results-driven through collaborative leadership and continuous improvement. We want to make it easy on government, businesses and churches to do the right thing when it comes to procurement. 

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