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From the Top: Providing Key Research

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Last time I went into detail about our Economic Development team and the work they do to bring good jobs and investment to Memphis, helping us achieve our goal to grow the middle class and break the cycle of poverty in our community. However, I intentionally left out a key component of our ED team: Research.

Here at the Chamber we have an in-house research team, ready to sift through and gather all the data needed when a company sends in one of those RFIs (requests for information) that I mentioned before. They play a crucial role in the recruitment process, and they deserve a special shout out for their work.

However, I am also highlighting our research team, because they provide significant benefits to you, our members. There’s a whole section of our website dedicated to what they have to offer, but I’ll hit the highlights here:

1) Demographic Reports. Up-to-date population statistics are available to our Chamber members for all types of reports, including but not limited to: population, employment, age, drive time, household income, etc. For example, if you’re a restaurant owner in Downtown Memphis, our team can tell you exactly how many people work in walking distance of your company and have the opportunity to make you their favorite lunch spot. Or if you want to open up a new location, we can provide you with the demographic statistics to see if they match your target market.

2) Chamber Business Lists.  When you join the Chamber, you can receive our Membership Directory free upon request during your first year. After that the Membership Directory as well as our other business lists are available at a discounted rate. All of our lists include company name, address, phone number, website (when possible), employment, company function and main contact in an Excel spreadsheet. Examples of the lists provided include: Major Employers, Memphis Headquarter Companies, Foreign Companies, Call Center & Back Office, etc.

3) Relocation Packet. Our team has also created a relocation guide and packet as marketing materials to help you sell Memphis to potential employees, customers and vendors. The packet includes our 72-page Guide to Memphis, a cost of living comparison, information on local apartments and homes for sale as well as a comprehensive list of companies and organizations that every new resident needs to complete their move. There’s a discounted rate for orders of 6 or more. 
Our members are always surprised when they learn what we can offer in terms of market research. If you want to take advantage of these services, you can contact our research department at or by calling 901-543-3500.

Phil Trenary
President & CEO
Greater Memphis Chamber

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