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The Memphis City Council's Courageous Vote

A Message From President & CEO, Phil Trenary
On June 17th, the Memphis City Council, led by Chairman Jim Strickland, took a courageous step in securing a strong future for the City of Memphis by approving the 2015 Operating Budget.
I know many of you worked with our leaders on the Council to ensure they were fully informed and heard the voice of the business community, large and small.  All citizens of Memphis will benefit from your willingness to take an active role in the future of our City. We can't thank you enough. We will continue to fully support Pension Reform and feel confident that tonight's vote signals transformational change within our city government, placing the priorities of the 650,000 citizens of Memphis first.

The Pension Reform vote is slated for mid-July.  The Greater Memphis Chamber will continue to pursue this defined contribution plan.  We encourage you, our members, to continue to contact your city council members in support of this issue and make your voice be heard.

Visit, not only to support Pension Reform, but to thank them for their leadership.

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