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A Special Message to Our Members

To Our Members:

Last week, the Memphis City Council made a tough but necessary decision to secure a strong future for the City by approving the 2015 operating budget, which included changes to healthcare benefits.  On July 15, the City Council will vote on whether to reform the current pension plan to a 401k-type system.  Without these changes, the City’s financial future is at risk.  If these changes are not made, the City Council only has two choices:  (1) a significant tax increase OR (2) drastic cuts in services.

Why is the Chamber involved?  We are the voice of the Memphis business community.  We know that our businesses, like our citizens, cannot bear the burden of another tax increase that will only hamper job growth and investment needed to move this city forward.  This is not just a Memphis issue.  Cities nationwide, just like your business, have had to adapt and adjust employee benefits to ensure that they are sustainable.  

Yesterday, we were contacted by a small business owner who shared with us threats made by public safety officers to boycott their business.  We are extremely disappointed that the unions would try to turn their members against the small businesses that are the lifeblood of this city.  The property and sales taxes generated by these businesses pay the salaries for public employees.  Boycotts would only serve to punish the hard working employees at these businesses who face their own challenges to provide for their families.

We support and respect those that serve the public.  But, we also stand for what’s fair for the other 650,000 Memphians who don’t have access to generous subsidies and pensions paid for with our taxes.

It is important that we stand together, please let us know how we can help.
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