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A Special Message to Our Members

To Our Members:

Last week, the Memphis City Council made a tough but necessary decision to secure a strong future for the City by approving the 2015 operating budget, which included changes to healthcare benefits.  On July 15, the City Council will vote on whether to reform the current pension plan to a 401k-type system.  Without these changes, the City’s financial future is at risk.  If these changes are not made, the City Council only has two choices:  (1) a significant tax increase OR (2) drastic cuts in services.
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Pension Reform Affects All of Us--A Message from President & CEO, Phil Trenary

When we launched our initiative to support pension reform, we understood that this was a new direction for the Chamber. Please know that we are involved in this because it’s one of the most critical issues facing our community today. It affects all of us. We are all committed to making Memphis better, and we can’t do that without first reversing the migration of the middle class away from Memphis.
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The Memphis City Council's Courageous Vote

A Message From President & CEO, Phil Trenary
On June 17th, the Memphis City Council, led by Chairman Jim Strickland, took a courageous step in securing a strong future for the City of Memphis by approving the 2015 Operating Budget.
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Opportunities Abound for Memphis Businesses in China

As the Greater Memphis Chamber works to make Memphis a global economic leader, we cannot ignore one of the biggest players in the game: China. Currently, China is one of our top exporters, and lately, Chinese investors have been interested in the Memphis economy.
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