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Praise For A "Red Carpet" Experience

Every year, the Chamber invites national site selectors, media and economic development consultants to Memphis for a Red Carpet Tour. This special, invitation-only two-day event is part of our proactive agenda to showcase Memphis’ assets in the manufacturing, logistics and bioscience sectors.  Presentations are given by top Memphis business leaders as well as elected officials in Memphis, Shelby County and the State of Tennessee. The goal is to have these "red carpet" attendees leave Memphis with a better understanding of Memphis’ capabilities and strengths, because your Chamber at work knows that promoting these strengths is vital to Memphis’ economic development strategy. 

This year's tour included presentations from: Bill F. Hagerty, Commissioner of Tennessee Economic and Community DevelopmentA C Wharton, Jr., Mayor of the City of Memphis; Mark H. Luttrell, Jr., Mayor of Shelby County, and John Moore, President & CEO of the Greater Memphis Chamber. The red carpet treatment included a tour of the CN/CSX Intermodal Facility, Pidgeon Industrial Park, Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc., Memphis Bioworks Foundation, Medtronic, Smith & Nephew, FedEx, Mallory Alexander, and BNSF Intermodal Facility.

One "Red Carpet" guest was Dean Barber, president and CEO of Barber Business Advisors, LLC, a site selection and economic development consulting firm in Plano, Texas. In his BarberBiz blog "Where the Four R’s Prevail," he gave some insight into which parts of his tour resonated with him the most, and how this first-person tour helped him and the other invited guests to learn "so much, much more than from a website." He talks about the "controlled chaos" of FedEx Corp.’s Memphis hub,  the city's " broad-based collection" of bioscience industries, and the astounding results of the newly released “Made in Memphis” report [PDF] which outlines industries, categories, jobs and skills - current and future - inside of Memphis' manufacturing sector. Barber had some words of praise for leadership in Memphis and the state of Tennessee, working in partnership in their commitment to bringing even more economic development to the city and ensuring a glowing future, "Folks, this is how regionalism is supposed to work. It’s only a matter of time when something big happens here. Stay tuned." He had special words of praise for the Chamber's own Clifford Stockton, Senior Advisor in Logistics and Public Policy, saying, "Mr. Stockton, more than anyone else, has the institutional knowledge about Memphis and how it works." We couldn't agree more, Mr. Barber.

We would like to thank all of the site selectors who joined us on this year's "Red Carpet" journey, touring this city, viewing her established strengths and avenues for growth, and hopefully falling in love with the city that already holds our hearts. We hope to see them all again very soon.

-- Christina Bradway

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