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Erik Henneghan: Helping You Get a Good Night’s Sleep

One of our recent additions to the Chamber staff is the always-smiling, smartly-dressed Erik Henneghan, a Business Development Consultant. Always out and about meeting with his Chamber member clients, Erik is an expert on how to use Chamber member resources to help grow your business. Be on the lookout for more blogs by Erik on how to use the Chamber for business success.

When I tell people that I’m a Business Development Consultant, I often get blank stares, so I follow that up with my elevator speech: “I help Chamber members take full advantage of their benefits so they can grow, gain more exposure and get connected to needed sources.” 

The first thing I ask when I meet a member is: when it comes to your business, what keeps you up at night? I take pride in helping businesses grow and succeed by connecting people, programs, and resources. The Chamber offers many benefits for members such as exposure about upcoming events, exclusive discounts on goods and services and a variety of advertising opportunities.

But, why not hear it directly from one of our Chamber members?

Recently, our Small Business Council Breakfast series was sponsored by one of my Chamber members, Phillip R Bowden. M.D., P.A. with the Mid-South Gastroenterology Group. They are the Memphis area’s most comprehensive provider of total digestive wellness.

Breakfast attendees saw a commercial about their practice and it was really entertaining for a subject people usually find so serious. I got a chance to speak with Dr. Bowden about the value of marketing with the Chamber and how their reach is unlimited:

“We believe there is value in all forms of advertising - be it print, radio, television, or social media,” said Dr. Bowden. “The value of marketing with the Greater Memphis Chamber is that our reach isn't segmented. Unlike certain radio stations, the papers, or social media, there is no "typical" business that connects with the Chamber.”

There are lots of different Chamber advertising opportunities. Why an event?

“The Small Business Council breakfast series is the perfect opportunity for our business to learn some valuable growth techniques from the speakers, but it's also a tremendous opportunity to network with a segment of the community we serve. At each breakfast, we have the opportunity to connect with some of the numerous people who actively work to make Memphis better; we can educate them about our practice and also learn how their businesses can help us thrive.”

If you want to know more about what Chamber Member benefits are available to you, visit our Member Benefits page, call your Chamber representative and definitely watch out for my blogs.

Till next time,

Follow my adventures around town via Twitter: @ChamberErik

"Mid-South Gastroenterology Defeats Colon Cancer" commercial
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