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Meet Haley Simmons, Our New Director of Public Policy

Last month we added Haley Simmons to the Greater Memphis Chamber team as the Director of Public Policy. Haley will serve as a voice for our local businesses in the public realm as he advocates for policies and programs that benefit members and contribute to business growth and success. Haley brings with him experience from the City of Memphis administration as well as a passion for finding solutions to the issues you face every day. Below he shares a little more about himself and his new role.

1. What will be your role as the Director of Public Policy at the Greater Memphis Chamber?
My role is to advocate for business and public policy that will help the local economy thrive.

2. What do you hope to accomplish in this position?
One of my goals is to advance the Chairman's Circle moon mission of providing high quality Pre-K education for all children in the city, because it will not only contribute to lifting people out of poverty but it will also enhance efforts to build a highly-skilled workforce that is essential for businesses to flourish.

3. How has your first month of work been?
My first month has been exciting because I spent the time getting up to speed on the Chamber's many initiatives, including Pre-K education, blight mitigation and workforce development among others.

4. Before taking this job at the Chamber, what other places have you worked?
In my previous experiences, I interned for U.S. Senator Bill Frist and served on the staff of U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer. Additionally, I served as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in Republic of Modolva. Most recently, I worked both the Wharton and Strickland mayoral administrations in a public policy analysis capacity.

5. What is one thing you would like our members to know about you?
I am a policy wonk who loves grappling with how issues affecting the public are interconnected and finding the best solutions while mitigating the unintended consequences that adversely impact the community.

6. What is the most important career lesson you've learned thus far? 
I am very ambitious and learning to establish SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound) goals has been very important because it allows me to establish pragmatic goals.

7. How long have you called Memphis home?
I have called Memphis my permanent home since June 2015, although I spent a couple of summers living and working here during breaks from law school.

8. What can you tell us about your life outside of work?
I just had a baby boy two months ago and enjoy spending time with him. In addition to enjoying fatherhood, I like cooking for my fiancée, watching sports, reading, writing and exercising.

9. What is your favorite thing about living and working in Memphis?
For the last ten years I spent time living in Washington, D.C., Eastern Europe and the Midwest so it is great to live in close proximity to family and friends. Additionally, Memphis is one of those cities where you can live and have a big, positive impact on the community in a relatively short time because many of the initiatives underway to improve the city are collaborative, open to new thought and contributions from talented individuals. 

10. What is the best way for members to reach you if they have a question?
Members can always reach me by email at or at 901-543-3539.

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