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Chamber Membership Guide: Step One - Making Sense of the Noise

Have you heard the new Kenny Chesney song Noise? The first time I heard it I just got it. It made sense. Every hour of every day is filled with noise. I can’t turn it off;  I have to either listen to it, mute it or join it. Some days it’s just maddening. Work, friends, kids, pets, projects, phones, emails, social media, news, etc… I hyperventilate just thinking about the noise. 
I just want you to know… I get it.
So this series is about helping you wade through the information that brought you to this point – becoming a Greater Memphis Chamber member. First, I cannot go any further without saying a big thank you for joining. It is an honor to be able to work with you and help you leverage the Chamber to grow your business. Second, you have a calendar full of Chamber events in front of you and to know where to start without direction could just sound like, well… more noise.
So let’s take this journey together, step by step. 
We’ll begin with step one – accessing the Member’s Only Website. When you joined, an email was sent to you inviting you to create a login/password. Today, you’re going to create that login. Don’t delay!
As soon as you sign in, your very own page appears. You can update information on your team, upload a picture, connect to your company’s website, share press releases, post events to the community calendar, share job openings and create special deals for other members.
Why is this important? First of all, the information you provide through the Members-Only Website feeds the Greater Memphis Chamber website. Each quarter our Membership Directory receives over 90,000 searches. That’s a whole lot of people finding services. Finding your services. You want to make sure they have the correct information to connect with you and bring you business.  
Secondly, our communications team uses the information you provide through the Members Only Website – such as press releases, events, job openings and member deals – to share on our social media accounts and in our eNewsletter. This is valuable promotion for your company to the thousands of people who follow and subscribe to the Greater Memphis Chamber.
If you need help with any of this, please reach out to me (or your Business Development Consultant). We are more than happy to help!
Next time we delve into Step Two – The Chamber Website. So for now, enjoy listening to Chesney’s song. Because now, it’s hopefully just a song.
Please follow me on Twitter @shaliatkinson.
Shali Atkinson is a Business Development Consultant with the Greater Memphis Chamber and President/CEO of Contagious Networking. You can find her on Twitter, LinkedIn and at Chamber events.

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