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Dear Social Media Superhero, Watch Out!

Dear Social Media Superhero,

You’re smart. You’re savvy. And you can type on any smartphone or tablet without looking. You know your social mediums backwards and forwards. Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? You can post in your sleep.

You’re on the hunt for the latest and greatest. Flayvr. Chirp. Bezzirk. That’s where you roll. You’re free. You’re social. And you think you’re invincible.

But I know your kryptonite.

I also know what you ate for breakfast, how many shots you had last night (#yolo) and that the best part of your work day was shopping during your lunch break.

And if I know those things, think about who else does. Your grandmother. Your co-worker. And (#dramaticpause) your boss.

So, my fellow superhero, before you try busting through walls again (yes, a potential employer watched that YouTube video and crossed you off his prospects list), here’s some social media etiquette for your yo-pro self.


#1 Be positive.

No one likes a Debbie Downer. And complaining is the quickest way to get me to click my “hide from feed” button. Negative post after post says that you’re not a very pleasant person to be around or work with and you’re probably going to hurt team chemistry. Plus, if you’re not afraid to complain about your job and your boss now, what's stopping you in the future?

#2 Be professional.

Would you place a bikini-clad selfie on your desk for all your clients to see? Would you tell your supervisor how hungover you are from Thursday night’s shenanigans? Then why are you telling the world wide web? You always put your best face forward for every business mixer and workshop, so think of your social media profiles as one huge networking opportunity.

#3 Be participatory.

In an effort to maintain a facade of perfection, you may be tempted to hop off social media altogether. They can’t find anything bad if there’s nothing to find, right? However, no message may send a very strong message that you’re not that smart and savvy socialite I know you are. In this new digital age, almost every industry needs professionals that can work the latest mediums. If you’re not posting semi-regularly, it won’t be you.

I could probably go on and on, but I know your attention span is short and you need to get back to your Twitter feed before you miss something. But an expert like you has to have some advice on the topic. Do us a favor by leaving it in the comments or sending it in a tweet to @MemphisChamber.

See/snap/tweet/gram/text you later!

Jenny C. Fish

Posted: 7/21/2014 9:37:20 AM | with 0 comments
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