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5 Leadership Styles You Can Learn Now

Each month the Chamber teams up with Affinity partner, Gazelles Growth Institute, for the opportunity to offer free access to highly-educational webinars. On December 18, the second webcast on leadership development will stream live and completely free to Chamber members. December's webinar, "Multipliers: How The Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter" By Liz Wiseman, will show you how to develop (or enhance) five different leadership styles. In a guest blog, Gazelles COO and Co-Founder Juan Gonzalez explains the five different styles that will be discussed. Then join us for the webinar on December 18 to delve even further into each one and learn how to recognize and hone your own personal leadership style. You can register here.

This webcast will show you how to develop or enhance the following 5 leadership styles:

1. Talent Magnet:

Look for genius in others: Find what your people do easily and naturally and identify new roles that utilize and extend their genius.

Stretch their role: Give people jobs that are one or two sizes too big for them. Tell them they will grow into them!

2. Liberator:

Play your chips sparingly: Instead of doing the talking, create room for others to think and speak up. Dispense your thoughts in small but intense doses. They get more room and you'll be heard more.

Confess your mistakes: Give people permission to think and to fail by openly sharing stories about times you took risks and failed. Give everyone a chance to fail at something once (and just once), and insist they learn from it.

3. Challenger:

Ask more questions: Ask hard, interesting questions and then listen carefully to learn what others know.

Extend challenges: Ask your team to solve an interesting problem that is a “stretch” for them, and don't offer a solution.

4. Debate Maker:

Frame a debate: Define the question, explain why it matters and then give people time to gather data and prepare an opening position in advance.

Spark debate: Keep people on their toes by asking them to switch positions (or perspectives) and argue the issue from the other point of view.

5. Investor:

Transfer ownership: After you let someone else know he or she is in charge, tell them that you are NOT in charge. Tell them they have 51% of the vote.

Expect complete work: Instead of finishing other people's incomplete work, give it back and ask for the "fix." Expect people to give their full brainpower and hold them accountable for finishing the job.

I look forward to seeing you there! And you can find out more about this and all of our upcoming free webinars here.

-- Juan Gonzalez, COO & Co-Founder, Gazelles Growth Institute

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