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Chamber Membership Guide: Step Two - Click It Like It's Hot

This is the second post in a series from Shali’s Connection Blog on Chamber Membership. Click here to read the first post.


It’s summer in Memphis.  It’s hot, humid and did I mention, HOT? I know it sounds redundant, but if you live here, you understand.  So now you have the setting {HOT}.  So go get a tall glass of sweet tea and a BBQ sandwich, and when you get back we’ll talk about the Greater Memphis Chamber’s website and why it’s Memphis HOT.
Our website is filled with information to help you grow your business, get exposure, find a new job, be informed, get engaged, get connected and - of course - feel good about our city.  In fact, with the information from our website, there is no reason why you shouldn’t win a Memphis trivia contest after a few visits.
As a regional Chamber we work on issues behind the scenes that move the needle for all our businesses, large or small…all sizes matter! I know it’s hot, but did you read that? All Sizes Matter!
Here’s a few things you can find on our site that might be of interest (no matter your size):
  • Our Legislative Agenda outlines the HOT issues in Nashville and Washington. 
  • Does your company have cyber security concerns? Then check out what’s HOT with our MSQPC partner. 
  • Need a job?  When members post Job Openings to their member site, those HOT opportunities link to the main site. 
  • We all love Bragging Rights.  Check out what makes Memphis HOT (besides the weather). 
  • Find out what Events are scheduled throughout the year.  
  • Get up-to-date demographic reports on our Research Services page to help with your HOT new marketing plan.
  • Or, one really HOT page is our Publications.  Yes, our printed publications are also digital, a two for one deal.   
  • There’s also our Newsroom, where there’s always HOT new content about and for our member companies.
  • My very favorite HOT page is the Membership Directory.  Need a staffing agency, a plumber, promotional products, etc… then this is the place to find all the services you need!  Our Members rock!
The Greater Memphis Chamber website is a HOT one-stop shop, and it’s only getting hotter. A new website design is currently in the works, so it will be even easier to find the information you’re looking for, whether that’s on a desktop computer or your mobile device.
And if there’s anything you need and can’t find, don’t hesitate to contact for help!

Shali Atkinson is a Business Development Consultant with the Greater Memphis Chamber and President/CEO of Contagious Networking. You can find her on TwitterLinkedIn and at Chamber events.
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