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From the Top: Advocating for Business

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Like economic and workforce development, public policy is a crucial pillar in our work to create economic growth for all by breaking the cycle of poverty and increasing the number of middle class jobs. If we are going to grow our tax base, we have to attract good companies with good paying jobs. To do this we need a fiscally sound city with a stable tax rate and leaders who make prudent decisions to move the city forward.

The Greater Memphis Chamber works in the public policy sphere in three different ways:

1. Government Affairs Council and Executive Committee

Each year our Government Affairs Executive Committee reviews many policy requests to develop the top priorities of the Chamber. This Legislative Agenda is approved by our Board of Directors and shared with state and local elected officials. You can view our 2015 Legislative Agenda and Report Card here.

The Government Affairs Council serves as the advocacy arm of the Greater Memphis Chamber, working to assure the interests of the business community are heard and acted upon. The GAC promotes legislation that will improve our city and positively impact our growing economy.

2. Chairman’s Circle

The Chairman’s Circle is a group of 111 business leaders that primarily focuses on transformative initiatives - or “moon missions” as we like to call them - that will transform the Memphis community. Many times this requires involvement in the political sphere, as the Chairman’s Circle works to reach its goals in workforce development, entrepreneurship, green space, pre-k education, long range planning and cleaning up Memphis. Also, there are currently two Chairman’s Circle Committees addressing transportation/infrastructure and government accountability as it relates to economic development. The Chamber’s public policy team works closely with the Chairman’s Circle to provide support and to identify and implement policy and regulatory changes that may be necessary to advance the moon missions.


The Greater Memphis Chamber JOBS PAC is created by our members for our members. The PAC supports candidates for state and local elected offices who promote programs and policies that create jobs and facilitate economic growth in our community. A committee of the JOBS PAC evaluates candidates by conducting in-person interviews and reviewing responses to written questionnaires to determine the candidates’ positions. Through this evaluation process, the PAC is able to determine candidate views on policies and programs that benefit Chamber members as well as those that may impede business growth and success.

Over the past year, nearly 100 Chamber members have participated in the review of candidates for the Shelby County and City of Memphis races. If you would like to help the JOBS PAC support strong candidates, you can click here to make a contribution.

Decisions made by our elected officials have a direct impact on our ability to retain and attract good jobs for our citizens. If we are to have a thriving city, we must grow our middle class and insure economic growth for all.  That’s why the Chamber is dedicated to advancing policy that attracts investment, creates and retains jobs and improves the quality of life in our community.

-Phil Trenary
President & CEO
Greater Memphis Chamber

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