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Movement Six: The Spider's Web

Countries used to fight over who was the first one to make lace.

To me, the spider is the original lace maker.

There’s such a joy in creating things. And actually sometimes I feel sorry for those who can’t see the beauty in things that are really actually quite simple.

I grew up in Savannnah, Tennessee. You know, there was not a lot to do in a small towns, and so one of the things that you easily became involved in were pageants.

Mother would say to me, “Darling just have fun, just have a great time, and enjoy yourself and have fun.” I took her word very seriously and I did have a lot of fun — and I still do.

I was married to just simply the most fascinating man in the world. His name was John Burton Tigrett, and he was almost twice my age.

We were together 26 years before he died. It was just the most fabulous journey, and we just laughed at life and laughed through life.

When John and I met, he was living in London at the time and we would have 10 to 12 guests for dinner and John and I would dress — he would be in a dinner jacket and I would be in a long gown. People would say to me often, “Whose dress is that and I would say, “It’s mine.” And of course they meant, “No, who is the designer?” And I said, “Yes that’s right, it’s mine. It’s one of mine.”

I’m so lucky that Neiman Marcus started me 30 years ago when I first went to Dallas with John. He was down there on oil business, and I didn’t have a business.

I said, “You know well you know what do you think? I mean well maybe I’ll tuck some things in and take them down?” And he said, “I will call Stanley Marcus.” And it evolved from there very quickly.

New York, to me, is just such an important part of my life. And clearly it is the most amazing place for fashion that there is. I am actually in New York, it seems, more and more right now.

Just all of my friends are so incredible. I just love them. I feel so blessed to have such interesting friends. I love my friends, I do. You know, our friends are really our chosen family.

I love doing whatever it is I do. I mean, I hope that occasionally there’s something worthwhile that I accomplish. The Blues Ball certainly is at the top of the list. It’s an enormous undertaking that truly has made a fabulous party because of the generosity and caring and just great fun.

Memphis is just good to me. I love it, and I love the people here and I could live anywhere in the world and I have chosen to live in Memphis.

Our Mississippi River is like a maverick river rolling down, and I think that we all get our energy from that.

I think that celebrating is something that we all have within us… the desire to celebrate life.

For a very long time in my apartment overlooking the river in Memphis, I had a beautiful spider’s web and I wouldn’t let anybody touch it. And I had a bartender helping me one evening who didn’t realize the importance of that. Of course, he thought he was doing something wonderful and he took it down.

And I really miss it.


Marshall Fine is the son of Burton Fine, former principal violist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. He received his DMA from the University of Memphis in 1990. In addition to his work in Memphis, he has held the position of Principal Viola of the Savannah Symphony (1983-86) and Dallas Opera (1991-92). He is also a charter member of the IRIS Orchestra, on both violin and viola. An accomplished composer, he has written over 200 works, including over 70 for viola. His music is published by Carl Fischer and Latham Music.

"Spider Silk," says composer Marshall Fine, is an attempt to capture both the delicacy of Tigrett’s craft, as well as the nobility of her life. A structure rooted in blues and the rhythm of a heartbeat combines with influence from British composer Sir Edward Elgar to create what Fine calls a “highly emotional work.”


Lance Murphey, editor, co-producer
John Hubbell, writer, co-producer

Editing by
Ryan Goble
Robert Bear
Lance Murphey

“Spider-Silk, op. 119”
An original composition by Marshall Fine
Memphis Symphony Orchestra
©2010 Marshall Fine. All rights reserved.

Marshall Fine, violin
Adrienne Park, piano

Music recorded by Kevin Houston

Recording facilities provided by Music + Arts Studio

Additional footage
Bill Thomas
Bill Boyce

Additional images
Pat Kerr Tigrett
Neiman-Marcus Inc.

Images of Stanley Marcus and Neiman-Marcus Inc.
©Neiman-Marcus Inc. All rights reserved.

Effects and graphics
Javier Leiva
Wally Green
Neal Barenblat

Post production facilities provided by
Running Pony Productions

Special thanks
Mackay Boynton
Sandra Rutledge
Pryor Lott

Series producers
Amy Clithero Gill
John Hubbell
Lance Murphey
Angela Michaels

Executive producers
John W. Moore
Amy Daniels
John Duncan
Ryan Fleur
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