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Easy Sells

You frequently hear the phrase: “That’s what it’s all about.”  Usually it’s directed at meeting some significant challenge. What is it “all about” in small business? I can tell you: It must be easy!

Consumers are spoiled with numerous conveniences to make life easier, and products that do that sell like crazy. It’s enough to make grandma shake her head with a “why, I remember when we had to mail letters, walk to work, listen to a radio and share a phone line.” Now, we are too busy searching the internet for a Lazy-Boy recliner with Facebook access.

Grandma might say we have become lazy. Maybe. But people today tend to be more stressed so they demand more convenience. We call this marketing environment “high stress/high convenience.”

Today you can unlock your home standing in line at Kroger, view a baby’s diaper changes at day care, pay using only air, get a car that drives itself, buy a self-propelled vacuum, receive eyeglasses in an hour or work in your pajamas. Easy does it.

If conducting business with your company is in any way too time consuming, too inconvenient, or the least bit of a hassle, customers will walk and you will lose business. Tech advancements have reduced the public’s willingness to wait to our shortest time measurement —the seconds between the light turning green and the first horn honk. So be quick about it.

A small business owner has no choice but to cater to these high expectations. Answer the phone on first ring. Remove voice menus and forget about “please listen carefully as menu options have changed” messages. Return calls promptly. Write one-page contracts. Provide 24/7 communication. Have live people. Bill timely and accurately. Offer immediacy even if you charge more for it.

Which is good news for small businesses because you can charge more for any conveniences provided to customers. You pay 25 percent more for stuff at a convenience store. You pay more for any device or service that is faster than the one you have. So find ways to be quicker about things for customers, but also have an eye to increase your margins for doing so.  

Products must be easy to buy, too. “We deliver. We haul away the old one. We call you back. We do it online. One click. Call our drivers on their cell. We are on time. We answer the phone. We have drone delivery coming.” This is how you should be thinking. Make an effort to stay current with tech, even if you don’t want to, so you can understand how customers are doing things easier. This convenience technology spills over to all businesses in the form of higher expectations from the buying public.

Most advertising has the word ‘easy’ in it.  New industries are born just making something easier. For example, Netflix required you to only go to the mailbox while Blockbuster went out of business because they made us drive the block. Now, you don’t even have to go to the mailbox.

The car key is a great example of convenience technology and expectations. Once upon a time, you had a metal key. Then, a keypad was placed on the car’s door. Enter a code and you are in with keys already in the ignition. Then came the fob. No need to enter numbers or do anything except carry it. Now the Apple Watch requires just a wave at the car to get you in, saving priceless nanoseconds. The latest in fobs have a touch screen that allows you to operate the whole car.

So what’s the takeaway? Always think about your customer first and what processes or improvements you can put in place to make it easy to find, purchase and use your product or service. Even the smallest changes – like making sure you return all phone calls within a certain time period – can make a big difference.

Easy sells and sells. That’s what it’s all about.

Tom Pease is a small business owner of an office equipment dealership called e/Doc Systems, Inc. He has also owned a full-line Kawasaki dealership as well as a document shop. He used 30+ years of experience in owning a business to author two books, including: Going Out of Business by Design: Why 70% of Small Businesses Fail and Small Business Survival 101. He also has published 85 columns in The Memphis Daily News as the Small Business Advisor.           

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