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The Owner's Eye: Detecting Opportunities & Threats

I asked the owner of a new vehicle dealership, who had a showroom full of gleaming eye candy, which product was his favorite to sell. “The one I have had the longest,” he answered. Spoken straight from that business owner frame-of-mind.

This owner has been doing things long enough to know what kept him in business and what threatened it. He could look past the shiny objects and realize they were just the means to achieving profitability that benefits his family, employees and customers. While he loved his products he loves achievement of the financial goals more, which is how you should think.

I love this example because it shows an owner focused on owner things first. He has a good “owner’s eye.” The owner’s eye is different from anyone else’s. It is a unique thing that sees ways to create revenue, customers, jobs, and an income for himself. It also sees danger lurking everywhere. It does not spend a lot of time thinking the sky is always blue.

Owner psyche is like the parent (the business owner) watching his child (the business) enjoying the monkey bars at a playground. While the child is merrily busy the parent has a sober if not expressionless face. He is assessing various dangers that may ruin things. “Will it storm and lightening? Will Billy fall off and break his arm? Will he get into a fight with another child? Will he get sand in his eyes?” The parent is happy only after the day is done and none of the threats materialized. Repeat next week and every week. In time Billy will likely suffer some of those if not all! You don’t travel the ownership trail without acquiring some scar tissue.

Such is how the business owner mind hopefully works. It sees threats others don’t. It is very close to customers and employees to detect early signs of trouble. I would go so far as to say if 7 out of 10 things coming to your attention in a day are not neutral to negative you have not yet got the real picture. The smart owner figures out what is wrong with his business before his competitors do. And yes, you have to be able to see the future too.

That owner brain MUST know what it needs to know. It is your responsibility and in your job description. Employees may say what you want to hear, customers can hedge real feelings, friends can feed you rah rah or quotes of the day and vendors will angle for their best advantage. In the midst of all that you have to know empirically what is true and what isn’t. Somehow. Oh, one other thing. Please know you are your greatest competition and not the guy down the street. To what degree that is true will be determined by your level of business knowledge.

The owner frame of mind has only two settings: “On” and “On.” Idle time finds it pondering whether to add a product line or not, to terminate or hire people, to get a loan, to buy a business or sell or just wonder whether he will ever collect his AR. It asks questions like “What will my business look like a year from now? How long before the salesperson pays off? When am I seeing serious money in the checkbook? When will I sleep like a baby?” Endless stuff like that.

Some caution is in order. That business mind is not made of titanium so it has to be cared for. Keep it educated. Get help with business problems by delegating. Resist the feeling all problems need must be solved right now. Exercise. Don’t get your nose so close - it fogs the mirror and can’t see anything clearly.

Tom Pease is a small business owner of an office equipment dealership called e/Doc Systems, Inc. He used 30+ years of experience in owning a business to author two books and publish 85 columns as a small business advisor.                   
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