Release date: 2/5/2013

The Greater Memphis Chamber’s Communications & Programming Team is the recipient of three Mid-South Emmy Awards in the Writing, Editing and Arts categories. They received the Emmy’s for The Soundtrack Project, a series of eight documentary shorts, produced by the Greater Memphis Chamber, which captures the entrepreneurial spirit in Memphis.

The Soundtrack Project began in 2010 as a partnership between the Chamber and the Memphis Symphony Orchestra to highlight both the strength of the Memphis arts community and breadth of the local small business community. 

“These multimedia movements serve as both a local point of pride and as a snapshot of Memphis’s business community for a global audience,” said John Moore, president and CEO, Greater Memphis Chamber. “You really get a sense of the authentic and determined spirit of Memphis’ small business owners when you watch each video.”

The businesses featured in the Project were chosen by the Chamber’s Small Business Council. The businesses then shared their experiences with Running Pony Productions, John Hubbell, Lance Murphey and the Memphis Symphony Orchestra who worked together to produce the final movements. The Symphony assigned three of its composers to work with the team, sending them on factory visits, citizenship swearing-ins, helicopter flights and canoe rides, to name a few.  Inspired by their interactions with the small businesses, the composers created original works, which when merged with the story, produced an insightful and honest movement for each short. 

“We’re excited to see the Soundtrack Project do so well,” said Duncan Williams, President of project underwriter Duncan-Williams, Inc. “Because when people and institutions in our city find new ways to work together and to create together, we all do well.”

In addition to being featured on the Chamber’s website, six of the eight videos of the Soundtrack Project were re-edited and premiered on WKNO-10 in July of 2011. Since its first debut, The Soundtrack Project has received numerous awards including Honorable Mention in the inaugural TED Ads Worth Spreading Challenge.

Due to the overwhelming response and great feedback, the Chamber plans for more Soundtrack Project documentary shorts in the future. 

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