Chamber's Chairman's Circle Launches New Moon Mission for 2015

Release date: 12/10/2014

Memphis, TN – The Greater Memphis Chamber’s Chairman Circle announced the launch of its newest moon mission today at the Annual Chairman’s Circle: Memphis Clean by 2019.

“Since the beginning we wanted to find a moon mission that would include every citizen in our community – one that every Memphian could see, touch and feel,” said Spence Wilson, Jr., Principal, Kemmons Wilson Companies. “The Chairman’s Circle has voted to put the power and resources of the business community behind an unprecedented effort to rid Memphis of trash and blight.”
The Memphis Clean by 2019 moon mission seeks to reclaim the title Memphis held as one of the cleanest cities in America. For years Memphis received awards for the cleanest city in America. The 1947 publication Memphis: The City Beautiful reads:
“Disfigured shacks have been torn down. Flowers bloom where rubbish heaps formerly existed. Dangerous and unsightly hazards to health and safety have been banished. Many of the city’s 18,000 vacant lots have been transformed into playgrounds for the recreation and spiritual betterment of her children or into model, neat rows of vegetable gardens. Formerly neglected residential, commercial and industrial buildings have received a new lease on life through repair and up-to-the-minute maintenance. Landowners have been educated to realize the personal and civic value of keeping their property attractive, inviting and fresh looking.”
With two moon missions already focused on the development of the city (Long Range Plan and Advance Green Spaces) underway, the Chairman’s Circle believes the timing is perfect for this campaign. The committee plans to team up with groups already working to clean up the city, such as City Beautiful and Clean Memphis, as well as the educational system, developers, realtors, business owners, the tourism industry, public officials and planners, non-profits and – most importantly – the citizens.
“Memphis is our home and how our home looks directly reflects what we think about ourselves and what others think about us,” said Phil Trenary, President and CEO of the Chamber. “Every Memphian deserves a clean neighborhood and a clean city.”
Memphis Clean by 2019 aims to transform Memphis – and its impression internationally – in time for the city’s Bicentennial, with the ultimate goal to be named America’s Cleanest City once again.

The Chairman’s Circle is a leadership body created to engage Memphis business leaders on a variety of issues that affect Memphis and the Mid-South. The group’s intention is to cause transformational change through leadership working closely with civic partners and public officials. 
The Greater Memphis Chamber has been the lead economic development organization for Memphis/Shelby County, and is a private, non-profit, membership-driven organization comprised of 2,400 business enterprises, civic organizations, educational institutions and individuals.

Christina Meek