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2016 Young Memphian: Katrina Robinson

The following is a feature in the Memphis Crossroads Magazine. Click here to view the issue in its entirety.

In conversations with this year’s Young Memphis honorees, the word “passion” comes up frequently. It’s something they all have in common, despite their diverse backgrounds, industries and interests.
The Young Memphians featured on the pages that follow are all passionate about making a difference – in their career fields, in their communities and, most notably, in the futures of the generations to follow them.
They all speak of their love for the city, their desire to help make positive changes, their hopes for a stronger, more united community and their beliefs that even the smallest gesture of goodwill can have a powerful impact on the lives of many.
While each one of them is striving to be highly successful at his or her career, they’re also each going the extra mile to use that success to make Memphis a better place.
So throw away everything you may have read about Millennials being uninvolved residents who want to obtain as much as possible by doing as little as possible and get ready to be inspired. These young professionals are only a few of the many dedicated young Memphians out there who have their eye on a brighter tomorrow.
Memphis, meet your future leaders.

Katrina Robinson
Founder & Executive Director, The Healthcare Institute

After working in corporate sales for several years, Katrina Robinson says a 2009 layoff was the wakeup call that inspired her to start her own business.
“I always had an entrepreneurial spirit,” said Robinson, “I just didn’t know what it was I wanted to do or should be doing.”
A stint as a hiring manager at a dialysis center opened her eyes to a need for more Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA), particularly in long-term geriatric care. Many applicants didn’t have the medical training to fill those positions.
This skills gap and the potential to help others find lucrative jobs inspired her to launch The Healthcare Institute LLC in Southeast Memphis, which provides students with training and skills for a CNA, phlebotomist or cardiographic technician career.
But first, Robinson needed funds to fuel the school. With no formal grant-writing training, she buckled down and completed the necessary grant application herself.
In 2015, Robinson won one of 44 $1.6 million grants from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, allowing her to provide need-based scholarships for qualified students. Since then, her school has grown from two students to about 150 graduated students.
“The fact that we’re able to provide people in Memphis with the education to obtain a job or start a career without them having to scrape up money, borrow from people or get bad loans, it really hits home with me,” Robinson said.

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