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Young Memphis Spotlight: Patrick "Trey" Carter

If you haven't yet heard about some of these young leaders, you will soon enough.

These 10 powerhouses – the Young Memphians Class of 2013 -- are making a mark, driven by passion for their work and a desire to raise the stakes for Memphis. As a result, these influential professionals are making the best kind of difference in a town that increasingly looks for innovation and energy.

Memphis requires the mix of entrepreneurship, dedication and spunk found in these 10 dynamos. Some are homegrown, some out-of-towners. They’re involved in the community outside their work, and they have ideas on how to make Memphis a better all-around place.

Photo by Troy Glasgow Patrick “Trey” Carter
President of Olympic Career Training Institute

Trey's entrepreneurial senses jumped at the chance to work on one of Memphis' most crucial needs. With his background in staffing, he realized that, "We had issues of jobs being available, but not enough trained workforce." He was doing some ad hoc training to get workers ready, "but I said it needed to be more formal."

So Trey created Olympic Career Training Institute (OCTI), which provides comprehensive training in logistics, soft skills, workplace ethics and hands-on training with OSHA compliant forklift training for warehouses. Some of OCTI's employment partners are looking to exclusively source their new hires from OCTI's graduation. With logistics as the largest employer in Memphis, Trey says he is just trying to reach logistics companies to show how his students can improve and enhance their employee base. His involvement with the Greater Memphis Chamber’s Regional Logistics Council has helped further those efforts.

Trey's hard work extends to the community as well. Since he was a kid, he's been helping his father with the annual “We Care Homeless Cookout” at Morris Park. Originally, it was just the family grill and cooking till the food ran out. Through the years, churches have gotten involved and now about 600 people show up and get clothing, toiletries and health exams.

For Memphis, Trey sees a respect for the young professional community from the city's leadership. "They want us at the table and to give us responsibility to move this ship forward."

- Jon Sparks

Photo by Troy Glasgow:

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