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Triumph Bank Makes Young Professionals a Priority

The following is a feature in the Memphis Crossroads Magazine. Click here to view the issue in its entirety.

It’s in the nature of Triumph Bank to see what needs to be done and then go after it with gusto.
That’s how it was 10 years ago when some local businessmen saw how local community banks were being taken over. “They decided to start a bank that would be local and stay local, run by successful business people with a focus on commercial lending,” said Traci Blair Strickland, Triumph’s Vice President of Marketing. “The bank would welcome small businesses and work with them to get started, grow and flourish in the Memphis economy.”
A decade along, Triumph has expanded (from 17 employees to around 100 and growing), and continues to jump on opportunities to help customers and the community. One such move came about when the bank saw that young professionals needed services tailored to their needs.
Kelly Neal, the bank’s First Vice President / Retail Banking Manager, tells how it came about. “We saw a huge gap between our student checking and our prime time checking,” she said. “With all the buzz about young professionals, I saw that no one in the United States had done a checking account specifically for young professionals. They do everything on their phones and they travel a lot.” 
Strickland and Neal devised ways to make banking easier for those customers with a checking account that was easy to use on the phone and doing away with ATM fees no matter where they were traveling in the country. 
“They don’t come to bank branches,” Neal said, “and they don’t look at paper statements.” So young professionals get e-statements and are issued a customized debit card. 
Even if the young customers don’t come to bank branches frequently, there’s something Triumph is doing that might lure them back in. “Traffic in banks is not what it used to be and it’s not just about doing transactions anymore,” said Strickland. The bank’s branch in Germantown reflects that change by having what’s called universal bankers who have been cross trained and can handle a variety of customer needs. 
When a customer walks into the branch, he or she is greeted by one of the universal bankers who will take ownership of whatever the customer needs. “They’re able to take the customer from start to finish and act as a consultant rather than just handling transactions,” Strickland said. The universal banker and customer may go to a cash dispensing kiosk or go to a pod office to take care of business. The branch also is set up to accommodate meetings if, for example, a young professional needed space for a conference.
The focus on young professionals is behind Triumph Bank becoming the newest sponsor for the Greater Memphis Chamber’s SoundCheck, the young professional council that involves younger members in economic and professional development with the support of veteran Chamber members. 
“We wanted to get our young bankers more involved in Memphis,” Neal said. “We’re very community focused and we want to serve our customers and the city better. SoundCheck is a real fit for our bank. We want to focus on bright young minds, so we’re now a presenting sponsor.”
Triumph bank works closely with the community having given hundreds of service hours to three community partners — Binghampton Christian Academy, Advance Memphis and the Chickasaw Council of the Boy Scouts of America. “We’re excited for our young bankers to get more into how we as a bank can help,” Neal said. 
Strickland added: “Our bank’s employees are divided evenly between those under 40 and those over 40. We have a wide range of experience and are cultivating those young bankers who are bringing new insight into the process.”

Story by: Jon W. Sparks
Photo by: Troy Glasgow

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