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Young Memphis Spotlight: Nicole Harris

If you haven't yet heard about some of these young leaders, you will soon enough.

These 10 powerhouses – the Young Memphians Class of 2013 -- are making a mark, driven by passion for their work and a desire to raise the stakes for Memphis. As a result, these influential professionals are making the best kind of difference in a town that increasingly looks for innovation and energy.

Memphis requires the mix of entrepreneurship, dedication and spunk found in these 10 dynamos. Some are homegrown, some out-of-towners. They’re involved in the community outside their work, and they have ideas on how to make Memphis a better all-around place.

Photo by Troy Glasgow Nicole Harris
Digital Media Coordinator

Newton may have three laws of motion, but Nicole only needs one: Don't stand still. In 2011 her job as a contract tech writer came to an end and so she immediately began going after other things to do.

“I was used to working. I had to figure out what I was good at doing, and I had to figure it out quickly. So, I picked up social media." Her networking and Tweeting grabbed attention along with her leap into photography. "I spent my last $1,000 on a DSLR and began showing up to events with my camera and my @NicTheEditor Twitter account. I guess you could say the rest is history.” Fine-tuning her social media savvy became her entry to working at The Westin Memphis Beale Street where she handled digital media, from Facebook to Twitter to travel sites. She says it was a roller coaster for someone used to corporate and government culture. "The hospitality industry is totally different. You might go into work on Monday with certain goals, but it won't necessarily work out that way."

Nicole touts Memphis as having endless opportunities, but sees a need to step it up by reaching out. Her energies outside of work are devoted to the community, particularly the global Black Girls Code organization that encourages girls to get into the tech world by learning programming. That, and her work with Memphis Prom Closet, serving on the media team at The Life Church and being an A14 New Memphis Institute Fellow, further shows her boundless energy.

"I don't like to wait on opportunities," she says. "I make my own."

- Jon Sparks

Photo by Troy Glasgow:

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