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Member Spotlight: Tennessee Charter School Center

Member Tennessee Charter School Center has made it their mission to support and cultivate high-performing charter schools and advocate for autonomy, accountabliity and choice across public education in Tennessee. In the video and blog post below, Amanda Henneghan, Director of Communications, shares how this organization is impacting education in Memphis.


1.Tell us (in 1 or 2 sentences) about the Tennessee Charter School Center.
The Tennessee Charter School Center is the state’s primary charter support organization. We provide on-going, comprehensive support to the growing charter sector in Tennessee and work to develop and sustain high-performing public charter schools and drive change in public education through effective policy, excellent schools, quality operators & informed communities.

2. What are some of the ways that you support charter schools in Memphis?
We want to see every child succeed and we do so first and foremost by being there for the schools tasked with educating our Tennessee students everyday. We have a robust menu of programs and services we offer directly to schools from connecting them to technical assistance and supplying resources to advocating on their behalf and facilitating developmental training opportunities. We also work directly with legislators and elected officials to ensure effective policies are in place so that high performing schools can thrive and processes are in place to intervene when things are not meeting expectations.

3. How do you educate and engage our community on the impact of charter schools?
Our biggest partners and advocates in public education are the communities and families. As a result, we recently launched a pilot for a unique community engagement initiative called Community Launch, which empowers parents, students and community leaders to be a part of the education reform process. There are 20 Fellows consisting of parents, students, educators and community members that are currently participating in our pilot cohort that have come together to gain a deeper, more authentic understanding about school quality, accountability in order to drive organic change for their community. 

Aside from our more intensive programs such as Community Launch, we also educate and inform others about the impact of charters through regular communications such as our newsletter, participation in panel discussions or other presentation opportunities, and we are always highlighting positive stories from our schools on social media. 

5. If our members wanted to learn more about the TN Charter School Center, where should they go? (Address, contact info, url, etc.)
To learn more about the Tennessee Charter School Center, visit our website at or reach out to us at Also, follow us on Facebook and Twitter @TNcharters to stay up to date on what’s happening in charter schools across the state!

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