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Accelerator Spotlight: ZeroTo510

This summer, more than 50 startup founders and students are growing their companies in Memphis through a joint partnership of business accelerators. Each week until Memphis Demo Day on August 11, we’ll introduce you to these companies and the innovative products and technologies they’re launching right here in Memphis!
The first accelerator we’re highlighting also happens to have been named one of the top 25 accelerator programs in the country by the Seed Accelerator Rankings Project for two years running. ZeroTo510 is a first-of-its-kind, cohort-based medical device accelerator that leverages key regional strengths in biomedical research and medical device manufacturing. Its unique program helps entrepreneurs with ideas for innovative medical devicesnavigate the start-up process, refine their business models, and achieve the Food and Drug Administration’s 510(k) pre-market notification filing, which is the fastest and most economical route to market for a new medical device.
Now in its fifth year, the program has accelerated the creation of 24 new companies, $9.4 million in investments, and more than 50 jobs. In addition, 60 percent of graduates have received post-accelerator follow-on funding, at an average of $675,000 per company. The nationally recognized program has attracted entrepreneurs from the Memphis area and from outside the local entrepreneurial ecosystem, including Vanderbilt University, Georgia Tech and Johns Hopkins University. ZeroTo510 is operated by Memphis Bioworks Foundation, and companies receive seed capital from Memphis-based co-investors Innova and MB Venture Partners.
Companies in the 2015 ZeroTo510 cohort are:
Cast21 — Cast21 has designed a lightweight, lattice-structure cast that is customizable, breathable, and waterproof, eliminating many of the disadvantages of traditional casts. Its design also allows for the integration of electronic stimulation therapies to decrease healing time. Cast21 was created and is run by Ashley S. Moy, Justin Brooks and Jason Troutner, three students at the University of Illinois. 
FlexSpark — Founded by Georgia Tech biomedical engineering students Syed Hasnain, Juan Navarrete, Michael Ollukaren and Chidozie Ugwumadu, FlexSpark is a wearable electrical muscle stimulation device used to supplement anticoagulants in Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) prevention. By stimulating the muscles in a way that causes muscle contractions, FlexSpark also decreases the rate of muscle atrophy that occurs in a patient demographic that often has limited mobility.
RistCall — Entrepreneurs Srinath Vaddepally and Ameya Bhat from Philadelphia have developed a wearable wrist monitor that replaces the traditional nurse call button in hospitals and nursing care facilities. RistCall’s technology provides patients with an easily accessible communication device that integrates into a shared dashboard for nurses and administrators. The RistCall solution enables better call response times, a more streamlined nursing workflow, and higher levels of patient satisfaction.
SOMAVAC — Led by University of Memphis biomedical engineering associate professor Esra Roan, PhD, and biomedical engineering graduate student Joshua Herwig, SOMAVAC provides a solution for the management of post-surgical fluid accumulation after surgeries like mastectomies and hernia removal. SOMAVAC helps patients at home with a wearable, ultra-low profile, low-power suction device that is comfortable and easy to conceal under clothing.
How can you help these businesses grow in Memphis this summer? Attend an event, be a mentor or advisor, provide resources, become a customer, make a connection, or invest in a company! Let them know at!

ZeroTo510 is part of the Summer of Acceleration

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