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MEMPHIS CROSSROADS: BOA Spotlight - Florence Hervey, Case Management, Inc.

In each Memphis Crossroads magazine, we highlight a Board of Advisor level member, showcasing their important role in the Chamber as well as the business community. Florence Hervey, CEO of Case Management, Inc., shares with us why her company is part of the Chamber as well as some benefits of doing business in Memphis.

Why did you decide to join the Chamber? 

Case Management, Inc. decided to join the Memphis Chamber because we have enjoyed tremendous growth and development and have reached the point where we want to solidify our brand and fully integrate our services with traditional healthcare in the Memphis Community.  We have been very successful with growing the business and expanding services; however, we have not done a good job telling our story and ensuring that this community is aware of what we do as well as how good we do it.  Our organization has been in business 25 years and is very well known in the non-profit, social services arena; however, we want the opportunity to share our story with others in the business community. The Chamber was a natural step for me to begin to tell the CMI story to other business leaders giving us a greater audience and hopefully opening the doors and removing barriers for families that suffer in silence not knowing who or where to reach out for help.

What are the benefits of doing business in Memphis?

There are many benefits of doing business in Memphis.  In our area of expertise which is healthcare and more specifically behavioral health, there is a very large population of consumers in Memphis and Shelby County that need the services provided by Case Management, Inc. Memphis is an excellent city to provide behavioral health services, because there is a large workforce of qualified candidates and a very diversified group of community partners available for collaboration. Our organization provides a full array of comprehensive services to serve our clients and their families. The need is great, the services are available; however, our challenge is to fine tune the healthcare delivery system in a way which makes it seamless for our consumers, offering greater ease of access and less fragmented services.

Photo by: Troy Glasgow

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