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The Best of Both Worlds

Meet Young Memphian: Lindsay Hanley

Lindsay Hanley is one of 10 Young Memphians featured in our upcoming annual Young Memphis issue of Memphis Crossroads Magazine.  We’ve asked each Young Memphian to submit a guest  blog about their experience as a young professional in Memphis.  A Chamber board of advisor, Lindsay works with the Medical Device distribution center for Johnson & Johnson.  Here’s what Lindsay had to say.

The Best of Both Worlds

Having just graduated with my MBA from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY with a passion for supply chain and operations, it seemed very fitting to move to what I term as the “operations capital of the world”, Memphis, TN.  Over the past three years working at the largest Medical Device distribution center for Johnson & Johnson, I have gained tremendous knowledge that I couldn’t have gotten if I had not been in Memphis.  Memphis offers two distinct advantages:  a very large network of operations professionals who seem very open to networking and benchmarking as well as being a few miles away from FedEx’s hub.  I quickly learned that being located in Memphis just makes good business sense.  Our distribution center’s location near the FedEx hub enables us to take and ship about 5-6 hours’ worth of additional emergency orders and have them delivered for next day surgeries, a unique benefit to Memphis.  This unique asset allows us to provide the best service to Johnson & Johnson’s customers and patients.

After I made the move to Memphis as a young professional I have grown to love several other things that I think make Memphis unique.  Upon arrival, I was greeted with Southern hospitality both in my neighborhood and at work where everyone refers to me as “Miss Lindsay.”  I’m a big fan of music, and you can’t beat the blues that you hear on Beale Street. Not to mention, if you time your visit right, you will get to experience the famous Memphis “flippers” who literally do acrobatics down Beale Street.  If you are looking to wind down after a long day of work, there is nothing better to me than a run along the Mississippi River during sunset to decompress and appreciate the true beauty of the city.  All in all, to me, Memphis has the best of both worlds: it has all of the things that a bigger city has to offer, with a smaller family-like feel.

--Lindsay Hanley

Photo by Troy Glasgow

Find out more about her in the Summer 2012 issue of Memphis Crossroads Magazine.
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