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Memphis Water Pours Out Success: Regional One

The following is an feature from the Memphis Crossroads digital magazine. We interviewed individuals representing three different industries on the value of Memphis water to business. To read the full feature on Memphis water, click here

When you stand atop an 800-year-old supply of the world's purest water, the gains translate into more than just cost-savings for prospective companies. An abundance of quality water provides industries with opportunities for greater economics, less maintenance, reduced waste, improved products and increased safety. Example after example can be cited on how each industry benefits from Memphis water, but in the interest of time and space, here is one of three:

Regional One Health's Firefighters Burn Center

877 Jefferson Avenue
Nurse Manager: Peggy Simpson

Regional One Health operates the acute care hospital Regional Medical Center. The full-service Firefighters Burn Center provides surgery, wound care, rehabilitation and restorative medicine, treating about 600 patients annually, including 300 inpatient admissions.

“The hydrotherapy room serves as the burn emergency intake. We see approximately 600 patients through this area annually, and every patient who comes in has their wounds cleaned with soap and water. This same method of cleaning wounds is done daily for patients in the burn center both in the hydrotherapy room and at the bedside. Because burn patients have open wounds, we have to minimize infection risks and be cautious to not introduce bacteria to the wound.  It is important for the water used in cleaning wounds to be as bacteria-free as possible. We are fortunate to have good quality, unfiltered water to use in hydrotherapy. Burn centers in other parts of the country use sterile bottled water or water filter systems, but we don’t have that need here.”

Interview by: Jon W. Sparks
Photo by: Troy Glasgow

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