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Management in Training

Talk to almost any millennial and you’ll hear the same story. Many young professionals today are struggling to get ahead as quickly as older generations. Despite stellar educations and hard work, the promotions are just not always available. Due to tough economic times, baby boomers have remained at their jobs for far longer than anyone would have predicted. Many of these boomers have occupied managerial positions that would otherwise be given up to a younger generation – delaying the promotions of those further down the corporate ladder. 
Posted: 8/3/2015 7:30:00 AM | with 0 comments

Memphis Water Pours Out Success: Regional One

The following is an feature from the Memphis Crossroads digital magazine. We interviewed individuals representing three different industries on the value of Memphis water to business. To read the full feature on Memphis water, click here

When you stand atop an 800-year-old supply of the world's purest water, the gains translate into more than just cost-savings for prospective companies. An abundance of quality water provides industries with opportunities for greater economics, less maintenance, reduced waste, improved products and increased safety. Example after example can be cited on how each industry benefits from Memphis water, but in the interest of time and space, here is one of three:
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Memphis Entrepreneurs Have the Grit to Win

The following is a feature in the spring issue of Memphis Crossroads digital magazine. Click here to read the full magazine.

Memphis is fundamentally an entrepreneurial city with all the resources it needs to become even more than it is. That’s Leslie Lynn Smith’s read on the Bluff City.
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Local Startup Takes Word of Mouth to Next Level

The following is a feature from Volume 1 of the 2015 Memphis Crossroads Magazines. Click here to view the full magazine and all of its features.

Optometrist Dr. Chris Cooper had his own eye-opening experience a few years ago when he met with a sales representative from a well-known website that lists highly rated local service providers. 
Posted: 7/14/2015 7:30:00 AM | with 0 comments

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