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10 TO WATCH: Direct Home Quote

Success is everywhere. Memphis businesses and organizations are using innovation and breaking new ground to lift the bottom line and improve quality of life in the city. Here are 10 of the most dynamic, large and small, financial and cultural, well known and barely known — all of whom are sure to make a memorable impact in the coming year.
It is, quite simply, a thrilling time to be in business in Memphis, to be part of the city’s expanding financial and cultural growth and to reaffirm why we call it the City of Good Abode.

Direct Home Quote

Chris Harkins declared: “The old ways are going to go down hard.” The young entrepreneur was so frustrated with trying to hire home improvement contractors that he decided to turn the system on its head. His Direct Home Quote business is taking care of roofing, windows, siding, asphalt and tree removal needs with less hassle. It’s straightforward — go to, order what you want, get a quote within 24 hours and, if you like it, give the go-ahead. DHQ is a one-stop shop responsible for the entire project — getting the installer, scheduling it and guaranteeing the work.

“The installer doesn’t get paid until the homeowner’s happy,” Harkins said. He’s a stickler for contractors showing up on time and his quotes are based on dimensions, not neighborhood. He doesn’t have to visit the site either: DHQ uses satellite imaging to calculate roof, gutter and driveway dimensions. He feels his emphasis on customer satisfaction and offering a better price has proved it’s a solid idea.

“We can drive down the cost and not visit every single property,” Harkins said. For next year, he’ll be adding services, improving the technology, streamlining the process, making it more efficient: “I’m leveraging technology and using innovation."

Story by: Jon W. Sparks
Photo by: Troy Glasgow

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