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10 To Watch: Kronos Energy Solutions [Infographic]

Each of this year’s 10 companies to watch has an inspirational story to tell. Among them, there’s something for everyone: a classic comeback; an impossible dream made into a reality; sweet success born of perseverance and hard work; trial and error that finally ends in triumph; even a testament to the power of faith.

And although their individual stories are quite different, these 10 Memphis businesses all have at least two things in common. For one, their accomplishments in 2013 were inspirational enough to put them on our annual list. In addition, and perhaps most importantly, all of the following business leaders see their success as an indicator that Memphis continues to grow as a promising place to work and live — a place where great ideas are born.

Kronos Energy Solutions

John Bogensberger, president and owner of Kronos Energy Solutions, refuses to take full credit for his company’s success. “I am but the steward of a gift that Jesus Christ presented me and my wife, to use as a conduit through which we can help other people.” That help comes in the form of green technology – affordable, renewable energy solutions such as wind turbines, fleet fairings for fuel efficiency, and water-jet systems. In 2013, Bogensberger continued to expand into the global market, including the Republic of Tatarstan, where Kronos’ solar- and wind-fueled power poles will charge the city’s electric vehicles. His plans for 2014 sound like a geography lesson. “We have tentative contracts with Chile and Columbia, and we are forming a joint venture with a U.K. company with interests in Turkey and South Africa. The year 2014 is shaping up to be a great opportunity to help people.”

-- Erinn Figg

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