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Apollo Distributing Inc.: Be Brave In Business

The 10 To Watch issue of Memphis Crossroads Magazine features 10 Memphis industries whose focuses range from event planning to distribution to finance, showing that no matter what business you’re in, there’s an opportunity for success.

In this week's M Blog, Todd Farris, owner of Apollo Distributing / E.H. Clarke, guest blogs about taking risks with your business, your mission, and your approach to your customers.

When Apollo came into being, interestingly enough, we were in the hospitality business for many years. I struggled with whether or not to jump into a new market, my fear of being a failure competing with my fear of not trying at all. Eventually, I discovered the move was easier than I expected. Apollo moved into janitorial and office supply, and then the transition was eased even more by the acquisition of E. H. Clarke. Any large-scale shift should be selective with plenty of research, but I’m glad that I took the risk. Being willing to try new things and staying “young” has been key for us at Apollo.

It’s not as if the world of janitorial and office supply is an earth-shattering market – we know that we sell a commodity that others offer as well. Apollo is different in that we try to offer the best customer service around, building a personal relationship with our customers. Most people don’t know that we can deliver anywhere in the lower 48 states in two business days or less! We also try to solve our customers’ problems – willing to be all things to all people. I know it sounds crazy, but we have customers ranging from 89 years old to 18 years old, so we have to be flexible and tolerant of whatever request is thrown our way. It’s service touches like these that we think keep our relationship with our customers fresh and “young.” And we try to be brave enough to embrace all the ways that our customers want to interact with us, including websites, email and social media to go with the tried and true methods of fax, phone and face-to-face contact. We don’t shy away from new service avenues – it’s just not our philosophy. Just like our slogan, it really is all about our customers and helping them is our job. We’re not afraid to show it.

- Todd Farris

Todd Farris is Owner of Apollo Distributing / E.H. Clarke which offers office, packaging, foodservice, furniture, hospitality and equipment supplies in Memphis, Tennessee. Visit them online at
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