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10 TO WATCH: University of Tennessee College of Medicine

Success is everywhere. Memphis businesses and organizations are using innovation and breaking new ground to lift the bottom line and improve quality of life in the city. Here are 10 of the most dynamic, large and small, financial and cultural, well known and barely known — all of whom are sure to make a memorable impact in the coming year.
It is, quite simply, a thrilling time to be in business in Memphis, to be part of the city’s expanding financial and cultural growth and to reaffirm why we call it the City of Good Abode.

University of Tennessee College of Medicine

Dr. David Stern became Executive Dean and Vice-Chancellor for Health Affairs at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in 2011 and it’s been full-speed ahead ever since.

“I came to make an impact on the city in health and wellness, especially for the disadvantaged,” he said. As head of the College of Medicine, Dr. Stern oversees its clinical, education and research missions and is focused on bringing wellness to the city.

The College’s goals are to develop centers of excellence for unmet medical needs, treat vulnerable populations, eliminate health disparities and embrace the community. Recent innovations include: a stroke ambulance with a CT scanner on board allowing faster diagnosis and treatment, the Center for Health in Justice-Involved Youth helping juvenile offenders with mental health issues, and the Center for Addiction Science to wage on dependency.

“Our academic center cares for the inner city population, so they already trust us,” Dr. Stern said. “We’re trying to turn the College of Medicine around to face the community. If we don’t become essential, then we become marginalized. It’s a big challenge and also the biggest opportunity for impact.”

Story by: Jon W. Sparks
Photo by: Troy Glasgow

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