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10 TO WATCH: Landmark Training Development Company

Success is everywhere. Memphis businesses and organizations are using innovation and breaking new ground to lift the bottom line and improve quality of life in the city. Here are 10 of the most dynamic, large and small, financial and cultural, well known and barely known — all of whom are sure to make a memorable impact in the coming year.
It is, quite simply, a thrilling time to be in business in Memphis, to be part of the city’s expanding financial and cultural growth and to reaffirm why we call it the City of Good Abode.

Landmark Training Development Company

Mike and Karen Minnis are not those people who say, “We ought to do something.” They’re the ones who do it. Their Landmark Training Development Company grew from a desire to work with at-risk urban youth and to address what the USDA calls food deserts: urban areas where it’s difficult to buy affordable or quality fresh food. Their Orange Mound operation includes a food pantry, an urban outreach center, the Landmark Farmers Market and gardens that turn out two tons of produce annually. Youths doing community work mandated by the Shelby County Juvenile Court participate in their Urban Farm Training Program where they learn tools of urban agriculture such as beekeeping, composting, crop rotation, canning and more.

“We want to give these young people self-respect and a better focus,” Mike Minnis said. This summer, the couple won the state’s 2016 Small Farmer of the Year Award at Tennessee State University. Plans for 2017 include developing a catfish pond to be filled with Blue Channel Catfish. They also want to build an aquaponic facility that combines raising aquatic animals with hydroponic cultivation of plants in water.

“Eventually,” Minnis said, “we want to be capable of providing fresh food year round.”

Story by: Jon W. Sparks
Photo by: Troy Glasgow

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