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2015 Young Memphis: George Monger, The Consortium MMT

The following is a feature from the previous issue of Memphis Crossroads MagazineClick here to view the full issue.

Young professionals see a future in Memphis – their future. They believe in what Memphis is and what it is becoming. They want to be a part of what others are doing and to offer their talents, energies and dreams to make the city an even better place to live. They talk of loving Memphis, and the ways this city draws them are as diverse as Memphis’ population. Perhaps, in a word, they picked Memphis because of opportunity. Career opportunities. Opportunities to play and relax. Opportunities to connect with family and peers. Opportunities to make a difference.

And making a difference is key, as this generation prioritizes following their passions and leaving the world a better place. Memphis offers plenty of ways to connect with their peers and create transformational change in their community. There’s SoundCheck, the Young Professionals Council of the Greater Memphis Chamber, which connects these YPs with experienced business leaders and involves them in critical issues facing Memphis. There’s also leadership programs like Embark by New Memphis Institute and the FastTrack Program by Leadership Memphis. And that’s only the beginning.

The 10 featured work as entrepreneurs, professionals, nonprofit employees and creative types. But their jobs aren’t the only way they put their mark on the city. They put energy into causes like homelessness, education and civil rights. While sometimes their jobs and what’s dear to their hearts overlap, volunteerism is strong among these young professionals. They look outside of themselves and reach out to help others. While they are making lives for themselves, they are making life better for others. Memphis is in good hands with these young leaders on deck.

George Monger III thinks of his son when he thinks about Memphis and the future. And he thinks about music. And so the executive director of The Consortium MMT (Memphis Music Town), a super-charged mentoring program for budding musicians, is helping young talent. He thinks maybe Memphis’ next generation will embrace the city’s soul roots and the music industry here will be reborn to its former glory, creating opportunity in many sectors of the city. “I want my son to stay in Memphis,” Monger said. “So I’ve got to do my part to make this a livable city.”
Monger, who started a music digital distribution business while in high school, was exposed to the variety of neighborhoods in Memphis as a youth traveling around with his father. He knows about the talent here and he knows about lost dreams. He doesn’t want any musician to be hindered by lack of funds or knowledge about the industry, which was the city’s third largest employer in 1973. A University of Memphis economics graduate, Monger is motivated to work for the welfare of his city by “the desire to see a positive impact in my community.”

Photo by: Troy Glasgow
Story by: Toni Lepeska

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