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Young Memphis Spotlight: McLean Wilson

If you haven't yet heard about some of these young leaders, you will soon enough.

These 10 powerhouses – the Young Memphians Class of 2013 -- are making a mark, driven by passion for their work and a desire to raise the stakes for Memphis. As a result, these influential professionals are making the best kind of difference in a town that increasingly looks for innovation and energy.

Memphis requires the mix of entrepreneurship, dedication and spunk found in these 10 dynamos. Some are homegrown, some out-of-towners. They’re involved in the community outside their work, and they have ideas on how to make Memphis a better all-around place.

Photo by Troy GlasgowMcLean Wilson
Vice President at Kemmons Wilson Inc.

McLean was born into a family of entrepreneurs and is carrying that legacy forward with alacrity. The grandson of
Kemmons Wilson, he's quick to credit his family, and specifically his brother and two cousins with whom he works: "Without their support, I couldn't do a lot of what I do. This is what makes our leadership team strong."

McLean oversees the company's hotel division, Wilson Hotel Management Co. and has development and operating responsibilities’ for the Kemmons Wilson Communities’ properties in Memphis and Denver. Additionally, McLean is the co-leader of the Sears Crosstown Project alongside Todd Richardson.

What McLean says captures his passion are stories of redemption: "I have a natural desire to see people and communities redeemed for good." His current big project is breathing new life into the Sears Crosstown building. Working with project leader Todd Richardson, McLean hopes that redevelopment of the landmark will help to revitalize the neighborhood and positively impact the center city.

For him, the spirit of the people of Memphis is making things happen. "I'd put Memphis up against any city as far as what can be accomplished when working together and working toward common passions," McLean says. That applies to another commitment of his, the Collegiate School of Memphis where he serves as board chairman. McLean calls it "a high performing, data driven, urban education school," and spends a great deal of time there on the leading edge of education reform.

Additionally, he's also an avid supporter of the Binghampton neighborhood's Eikon Ministries. "From an early age, my father was intent on making sure me and my siblings understood what it means to steward our lives well." McLean says. "As a result, his guidance developed in me early a heart for all areas of our city and communities…and I am simply endeavoring to steward well."

With his devotion to pushing Memphis to exceed its potential, it's no surprise that McLean would say: "I've never been more proud and therefore bullish on our city than I am today."

- Jon Sparks

Photo by Troy Glasgow:

Kemmons Wilson Inc.
Sears Crosstown Project
Collegiate School of Memphis
Eikon Ministries

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