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Young Memphis Spotlight: Angie Ware

If you haven't yet heard about some of these young leaders, you will soon enough.

These 10 powerhouses – the Young Memphians Class of 2013 -- are making a mark, driven by passion for their work and a desire to raise the stakes for Memphis. As a result, these influential professionals are making the best kind of difference in a town that increasingly looks for innovation and energy.

Memphis requires the mix of entrepreneurship, dedication and spunk found in these 10 dynamos. Some are homegrown, some out-of-towners. They’re involved in the community outside their work, and they have ideas on how to make Memphis a better all-around place.

Photo by Troy GlasgowAngie Ware
Relocation Director at Prudential Collins-Maury Realtors

Angie relocated to Memphis from Nashville eight years ago and jumped at the chance to persuade everyone
else to relocate here. In managing a team of 25 certified relocation agents, she gets to constantly talk up Memphis
to corporations and individuals who are considering moving to the City of Good Abode.

"We sell the quality of life," she says, "the schools, and even the four seasons depending on where they're coming from." Locals who have been here for a long time may forget how good Memphis looks to someone on the outside, but Angie quickly notes some key assets: "We're one of the most affordable cities to live in," she reminds us. "People coming here get a lot more house for the money." Plus there are attractive parts of town, from Downtown to Midtown to the suburbs. And the interstate puts most areas to within 30 minutes. And culture and sports and … well, Angie doesn't have to work too hard to pitch our town's virtues.

But she works hard anyway, having gained recognition within and without the Prudential Relocation network for her efforts in making the move to Memphis a pleasant experience. "It's just Southern hospitality and being friendly and knowing neighbors."

- Jon Sparks

Photo by Troy Glasgow:

Prudential Collins-Maury Realtors
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