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Ambassador Spotlight: Anthony Johnson, Diersen Charities

Chamber Ambassador Spotlight


Anthony Johnson - Employment Specialist, Diersen Charities

In each issue of Memphis Crossroads we spotlight one of our Chamber Ambassadors, the volunteer organization that serves as the official host for Gerater Memphis Chamber events. These Ambassadors are quick to greet you at the door, direct you to where you need to go or introduce you to a new contact. In the Summer 2017 issue of Crossroads, we are excited to introduce Anthony Johnson of Diersen Charities. Read more of this issue here.

Why did you choose to be a Chamber Ambassador?
I chose to become an Ambassador because I’m a son of this vibrant and prosperous city. I have spent half of life living in Memphis, Tennessee and I take pride in my home. Memphis is a city full of history and diverse cultures. So I knew of no greater organization that represented diversity and great business minds under one umbrella other than Greater Memphis Chamber. I’m committed as an Ambassador because I enjoy supporting our member companies. 
What do you love about living and working in Memphis?
What I love most about living and working in Memphis is the grind of everyone in the city. Nothing is given freely in Memphis, so you have to roll up your sleeves and work for the things that you desire. Most Memphians live by this code so I enjoy seeing small business start from the ground up and turn into a success story.

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