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Represent Everyday - September is Attendance Awareness Month

The Greater Memphis Chamber joins Shelby County citizens and businesses to participate in national Attendance Awareness Month. Currently, too many of our students are missing too much school. In fact, 22,000 students were chronically absent last year in Shelby County, causing them to fall behind academically, exacerbating achievement gaps and dropout rates.
The effects of chronic absence in the classroom are obvious, but it also has larger effects on our economy. Dropouts are less likely to succeed in a career, and even those who do graduate will not do well at work without good attendance habits. Currently, over 44,000 young adults aged 16-24 are not in school or employed in Shelby County. Chronic absence is a workforce issue, and it’s critical that our community take steps to address it.

The Shelby County community is working to address this problem by 1) tracking data to know which schools and which students have a problem with absenteeism and 2) increasing resources at schools that need extra help, such as health clinics, mentors, social workers and counselors. 

However, to turn this problem around, we need the help of the whole community. Everyone has a role to play:

  • We need to use community resources - mental and medical health providers, social workers and others - to address the problems contributing to chronic absence.
  • We need to provide the right incentives and an engaging curriculum that will bring students to school.
  • We need to make sure that every child has an opportunity to learn and that means making sure they come to school regularly.
Join local organizations and businesses like the Memphis Grizzlies in spreading awareness and providing resources here:
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